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“Did you know that you might be fined up to 1,000 Euros if your automobile fails its MOT test or if you drive with your license plates improperly displayed?”

All these states that you should be aware of the road rules & regulations of the UK, and know about the legal number plates that protect you from this huge fine. 

Every UK licence plate must adhere to British regulations as per the Motor Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations of 2001.

According to them, since the Department of Transportation requirements include the text, spacing, size, and coloring, UK license plates should generally appear the same.

Which are the Legal Number Plates in the UK?

Most importantly, your vehicle number plate should be marked with a British Standard number – this is ‘BS AU 145e’ for plates fitted after 1st September 2021.

You might be asking, “Which number plates are legal in the UK, at this point?” Stay tuned with Reg Locker to know about the right and legal number plates criteria in the UK.

In addition to this, contact the right vehicle number plate manufacturer or supplier like Reg Locker Ltd. for offering you 100% legal Plates UK.

Coming back to the topic, here are the details of legal number plates:

There is a minor difference between 4D & Gel plates as plain plates are the original number plate style whereas 4D matte or gel plates have laser cut letters with a matte black that is perfect, perfect with the matte finish & within the law.

  • 3D Gel Number Plates 

3D gel number plates have a unique raised character profile that gives a vehicle a modern finish & are generally made with a gel polyurethane resin. These number plates are a modern & attractive way of displaying number plates on your vehicle, also hold legal rights on roads.

3d number plate
  • 5MM/5MM Gel Plates 

5MM gel plates are similar to 4D gel vehicle plates but are of acrylic nature which means only 2mm deeper than the 4D’s however much more of a statement. They are made from high quality, optically clear polycarbonate & UV-resistant black perspex.

4d number plates
  • Pressed or Yellow/White Number Plates

The good news is that all the yellow/white number plates are legal number plates for all cars, on the other hand, the black & silver ones are used for vintage vehicles only.

black and sliver-plates
  • Other Concerns

Your vehicle number plate should contain characters in the correct order & font, characters must be clearly seen but must not be removal or reflective. Moreover, your number plates can also have certain flags, symbols & identifiers, and a green flash, if you have a zero-emission vehicle.

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