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What are Private Number Plates?

Private number plates are exactly like the regular or standard number plates except for the fact that you can personalise them in different ways as per your requirement. RegLocker offers an exclusive range of private number plates that allows you to personalise your vehicle’s identity.

You can buy and even sell private number plates on the RegLocker platform. You can now express yourself in a unique way by personalising your vehicle’s number plate through your name, initials, or a special message.

How Do Private Number Plates Work?

Private number plates work by replacing the standard number plates combination of letters and numbers to your personalised sequence of characters on your vehicle’s registration. This customization adds a distinctive touch to your vehicle and for some, can have sentimental value or can reflect your personality. You can even sell private number plates on RegLocker if you find it less relevant for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sell your private number plate easily with RegLocker. Share the required information, and our platform will connect you with the potential buyers that are streamlining the selling process.

Yes, you can sell your number plate privately. RegLocker enables private plates sellers to list their number plates on our platform that offers a secure and convenient way to connect with the interested buyers.

Buying a private plate is a simple procedure with RegLocker. First, browse through the private plates collection, choose your desired plate, fill the form, and buy a private plate for yourself by submitting all the relevant documents.

Yes, you can buy a private plate as a gift. You can customise it to reflect the recipient’s name, initials, or a special message to add a personal touch to their vehicle. You just need one form of their identification proof and one document proving entitlement to the registration.

Yes, purchasing, using, and selling private plates is entirely legal. You can do all of it with RegLocker’s seamless procedures. We ensure that all our plates comply with legal standards to provide a stylish and compliant option for your vehicle.


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