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After the issuance of the Motor Car Act 1903, the display of a number plate has traditionally been a legal requirement for cars. Since then, the number plate has undergone various changes, notably the switch from black and silver to yellow rear and white front reflector plates in 1973. However, on the other hand, any proud owner of a historic car will want to retain it in as original of a condition as possible, which includes these number plates as well.


A vintage vehicle of a given age will usually have a black number plate, or a combination of silver and black number plates. These are frequently found on classic automobiles.

Are black & silver number plates legal?

On a classic vehicle, black and silver number plates can add that extra touch of authenticity that many owners crave. But not everyone can have such luxury. These Plates are legal but there are certain conditions to use such plates and not everyone is eligible to use them. We know that classic vehicle owners can use these plates but we should also know that not every classic vehicle is able to display these plates. In this article, we’ll go over the rules and regulations for who can and who can’t display black and silver number plates on their cars.

Who are eligible to display black & silver number plate?

In 2015, the DVLA said, vehicles manufactured 40 years ago would be allowed to display the black and silver plates but this is no longer the case.

Only those vehicles with a construction date prior to 1 January 1980 will continue to be able to legally display these plates to avoid any undue costs of replacement. But you do need to let the authorities know by applying for the tax or making a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN).

Who are not eligible to display black & silver number plate?

Even if the vehicle is over 40 years old and recorded in the DVLA’s ‘historic vehicles’ tax class, but if the vehicle’s construction date is after 1st January 1980, then it cannot display a this plate. However, if vehicles construction date is prior to 1980, and the owner has not applied to the DVLA and their vehicle is not registered with the ‘historic vehicles’ tax class then they still are not eligible./

How can you get a black & silver number plate for your vehicle?

If you’re eligible and ready to display a black and silver number plate, you can order them from a licenced vendor. There are a variety of services available to assist you in finding a number plate supplier near you. You can order your Black & Silver Number plates from Reglocker. Reglocker is certified by DVLA and provides all kinds of DVLA-approved number plates at affordable rates.

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