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Understand the Unique Colors of Vehicle Number Plates

In the previous blogs, we have understood the current vehicle registration number format was introduced in 2001 consisting of 7 letters where 2 refer to the memory tags, 2 stand for the date when issued & you can choose the remaining 3. 

“Have you ever considered the significance of the various number plate colours used in the UK?” is asked in conjunction with this.

Reg Locker Ltd. or your trusted DVLA Number Plate Maker has come with specifying the unique colors of your vehicles, let’s start now!

Brief History of Number Plates

Vehicles have been required by law to show number plates since 1903. Since then, there have been a number of changes to the number plates, notably the 1973 switch from black and silver to yellow and white bright plates.

Now, in the United Kingdom, all car owners are legally abided to carry two number plates – one at the front & one at the rear. The registration plate fitted to the car always must be white in color & display its characters in black & at the rear end of the vehicle, the number plate must be yellow with black characters.

Which Colors Are Used for Vehicle Number Plates in the UK?

Basically, there are four main colors are used including the following:

White & Black

Yellow & White 


Red & White 

It’s time to understand their meaning!

  • White & Black Number Plate 
black and white number plates

White number plate is used with a combination of black which is the most common type of vehicle registration plate, making your vehicle reflective or used to see the characters.

  • Yellow & White Number Plates
Understand the Unique Colors of Vehicle Number Plates

The DVLA claims that having a yellow rear license plate and a white front license plate helps other drivers rapidly judge at a glance or is known as reflective colors for everyone.

  • Green Number Plate
Green Number Plates

In December 2020, the UK government introduced green number plates that are part of an initiative to clean up road transport & reduce emissions during a transition to all-electric options. Using green number plates is one of the easiest ways to identify zero-emission vehicles & also you can enjoy free parking in bus lanes. 

  • Red & White Number Plate

Red and white license plates, commonly referred to as trade plates, are used to indicate that a vehicle is being temporarily used for one of a select number of purposes.

Ready to Choose Your Desired Number Plate?

Reg Locker Ltd. is one of the trusted vehicle plate manufacturers & suppliers in the UK, making affordable personalized vehicle number plates accessible for everyone. Here or Number Plate Maker Near Me has experts who are dedicated to helping you with choosing the right & legal number plate for your vehicle. Well-versed with the DVLA guidelines, Reg Locker Ltd. offers you an appealing number plate to increase the worth & look of your vehicle.

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