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Who are the Targets at ANPR Cameras in the UK?

“Did you know that for forty years, ANPR has been used to find stolen cars?”

Yes, this technology is widely used in the past & nowadays too, known as the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system that captures images of the vehicle’s number plate, and verifies them with databases of vehicles connected with criminal activity. While crossing the roads, the ANPR camera captures the image of a vehicle number plate, reads the letters & characters then they are identified using Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) software. The data is collected & further used to detect any threat or criminal activity.

Despite the high cost of implementation, ANPR is used across the UK, undoubtedly, making it much easier for police to detect criminality in relation to vehicles. 

Now, are you curious to know,” Who are the targets at ANPR Cameras in the UK?”

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But before moving ahead, know the key features of ANPR.

What are the Key Features of ANPR Camera Systems?

Who are the Targets at ANPR Cameras in the UK?

In 1979, the first ANPR was developed by UK policies & nowadays, this technology is widely used by police & became progressively cheaper. Here are the main features of ANPR camera systems:

  • Complete vehicle recognition solutions & proven recognition engines typically achieve 95-98% accuracy.
  • Full accuracy maintained with vehicle speeds up to 120mps on all lanes.
  • Excellent database, memory card stores all records & internal UPS prevents record corruption due to power failure.
  • Full offense management facility & police BOFII interference included.
  • Its front panel LCD display shows system status, capture events & actions taken & full graphical reporting with full export & PDF printing facilities. 
  • You can add network functionality to create expansive systems with more than 1000 traffic channels.

However, the features don’t last here.

Let’s move to the following:

Who are the targets of ANPR Camera Systems?

Who are the Targets at ANPR Cameras in the UK?

The following are the main targets of these effective camera systems:

  • Thieves who have stolen vehicles
  • Those having untaxed & uninsured vehicles
  • Those having cloned vehicle or number plates or unlawful number plates (when a number plate has been duplicated & used for other vehicles)
  • If having vehicles being used while being declared SORN (statutory off-road notice)
  • Those vehicles that are connected to criminality like terrorism, burglary & murder. 
  • Those having vehicles without valid MOTs & fuel thieves.

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