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What’s the difference between 3D and 4D number plates?

We’re all familiar with Standard plates that are usually on every other vehicle, Many people think that 3D and 4D plates may not be legal.

Despite the fact that these plates are 100% legal.

Let us know more about the differences in 3D and 4D number plates in detail:

3D and 4D Plates are 100% legal as long as they adhere to size, font type, color, reflectivity, and character spacing requirements authorized by the DVLA.

Let us now look at how these plates are made:

3D Plates

Sheet cut characters are covered with a polyurethane gel resin to make a 3D gel plate design. This gives them a raised upfront from the number plate making it prominent.

3D plate design can be made according to your requirement. You can choose between 3D Gel, 3D Carbon Brick Gel, 3D Carbon Brushed Gel, or 3D Glitter Gel. The resin mixed with this gel gives a high-quality output making the number plate design, a unique piece of art. 

4D Plates

4D and 3D number plates resemble each other in many ways, but there is a key difference in how they are each made. This makes both the choices equally considerable with their pros, whatever suits you. Instead of the gel resin is used on sheet plates to create that 3D effect, an industrial laser is used alongside cutting acrylic into perfect shapes to create the 4D effect.

More precisely, each character in your 4D registration number plate will be equally perfect with zero room for errors. Due to the laser cut precision and method, 4D number plates do not just look better, they also allow a lot more in terms of quality and customization, that gel resin 3D plates lack.

3D Number Plates

3D number plate UK
3D number plate designs are made with acrylic and the raised letters provide an exclusive look.

4D Number Plates

4D number plate UK
4D number plates are professionally crafted by using the laser-cut method. 

What Reg Locker can do for you?

Here at Reglocker, we make sure that all these rules are followed so as to provide a legal, DVLA approved number plate design.

Now that you have a good idea of what both of these plates are like, and they are licensed and approved under the UK’s licensing authority, the matter of choosing between them is entirely your choice according to your interests and budget.

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