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Types of Vehicle Number Plates

Are you a car enthusiast?

Of course, that’s the reason, you have come here.

So, being a car lover, you are aware of the different number plates like standard, 3D, and 4D Gel Number Plates & show plates.

While choosing the number plate for your vehicle, you may be confused, about which one is right for my vehicle or which will be excellent.

So, today, Reg Locker Ltd. has come up with a topic to clear your confusion about number plates & how to choose the best number plate for your vehicle.

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Types of Vehicle Number Plates

1. Standard Number Plates

Standard number plate

Standard number plates are the most common type of vehicle registration plates used for cars, trucks & motorcycles. They are usually made of metal or plastic, & they display a combination of letters & numbers that are unique to each vehicle.

2. 3D Number Plates

Types of Vehicle Number Plates

3D number plates, also known as raised or embossed number plates, are a type of vehicle registration plate that features raised lettering & numbers. They are typically made of acrylic, which is a durable & flexible material that can be easily molded & shaped. The letters & numbers on the 3D number plates are raised using a process called thermoforming, in which heat & pressure are applied to the acrylic to create a raised relief.

3. 4D Gel Number Plates

Selling a Registration Plate in the UK

4D gel number plates are the best & latest addition to number plate designs made from 3mm black acrylic characters, stuck to our premium acrylic plates using high-strength 3M adhesive. They are considered a premium option for number plates and are made from acrylic material. Unlike 3D plates that use polyurethane resins, 4D plates utilize acrylic to raise the characters on the plate, resulting in thicker, more stylish, and elevated designs.

The use of Krystal, graphite, or glitter gel for character engraving further enhances the exotic appearance of 4D plates. Private number plate owners are particularly attracted to 4D plates for their unique and stylish display options.

Which One to Choose for Your Car or Vehicle?

Now, you may be curious to know, “Which one is best for my vehicle?”

All the number plates are unique in their own way but you can choose 4D gel number plates if you want to make your vehicle more personalised, elegant & unique in the car row or road.

Furthermore, you can talk to DVLA approved Number Plate Maker Near Me – Reg Locker Experts to know about which number plate is right for your vehicle, our experts are always dedicated to giving you the right & best suggestions. Moreover, we have the best collection of all number plates like standard, 3D, and 4D gel number plates. Come & explore them today!

Reg Locker is sure that you will thanks us later! Feel free to contact us now!

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