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Transfer of a Private Registration Plate

If you own a private registration number and you want to take it off your current car and put it on a different or new car but you don’t know how? Then you are at the right place. Please continue reading to know the full process.
The Transfer of a private registration plate is quite easy and simple, You can either take off a number plate and keep it for later use or assign it to a different vehicle.

If you just want to take off and keep the registration number then you can submit documents with an application along with a fee of £80.00 and after approval, you will be given a V778 retention document that will prove that you still have the right to use the registration number.

Once you take off your private registration number from a vehicle then its original registration number is automatically reassigned to it. Your vehicle must be registered with DVLA in the UK and its MOT must be cleared before you can apply to take off or reassign its registration number to a new vehicle.

If you have already taken off the registration number from a vehicle and now you want to assign it to a different vehicle then you can use your V778 retention document with a V5 registration form to transfer the number.

However, if you want to take off your private registration number and directly assign it to a new vehicle then you have to complete the following requirements.
A V5C registration form of both vehicles
A fee of £80.00 payable via cheque to DVLA
A V317 transfer form filled with the details of both vehicles

The V317 is the transfer from in which you have to enter the details of both of the vehicles, the one from which the registration number is being transferred and the other one which the registration number will be going onto. If the receiving vehicle has a different owner, then the form needs to be filled with his/her details and signatures as well.

To complete the whole process without any issues, the vehicles should meet the following requirements:
Be registered with DVLA in the UK
Cleared MOT test
Be available for inspection during the transfer process

The transfer process usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks however, it may take longer to process due to the pandemic. The DVLA offices have reduced their staff numbers to comply with social distancing requirements and to ensure their staff safety.

Once the transfer process is completed, you will receive your new V5 document with the registration number through which you can order the plates for your vehicle.

Make sure to notify your insurance company regarding the transfer of your private registration number to a different vehicle to avoid any issues in the future.

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