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Tips and Tricks for choosing a personalized number plate:

It is an important task for car enthusiasts to carefully choose their number plates as it complements their car to a huge extent. While Reglocker helps you to get customized number plates with a proper guidance throughout the process, we want to help you understand how choice of a number and its design over the plate can be made efficiently.

There is no right and wrong when you make a choice regarding your number plate, it is completely personalized and the choice varies from person to person. However, we can still guide you through some of the common practices on how this choice can be optimized.

Tips and Tricks while choosing a personalized number plate:

Create a Meaning:

If you are going for a personalized number plate, why not have something written that is close to you? It can be a nickname utilized in an artistic way, or the initials of the car holder’s name so it will be easy to remember. Similarly, you can use an important date like your birthday, your wedding date, or any other special combination of numbers that has been lucky to you (as we all do).

Readability matters:

Keeping the above suggestion in view, car owners sometimes go overboard and make a decision that they might regret later. For instance, if you try to make a complex combination of all the possibilities such as you want your name initials, nickname, date of birth and lucky number; all in one number plate then apparently you are asking for too much. These are the times when you could really use our advice and prioritize your decisions since readability is much more important than the inclusion of all the options in one single plate.

Format Research:

Format is an important factor for a number plate and it varies country-to-country. So, you should save yourself from disappointment if you just went there with some great plan in mind but didn’t cross check if it matched the standard format. For instance, in the UK, you can choose from either of the following DVLA-approved formats:

Prefix style format

It follows the code: A*BBB, where A is a letter which represents the period that the vehicle was first registered, and * is a 1-3 digit number.

Current style format

It follows the structure AA** AAA, where ** is a two-digit number representing the period that the vehicle was first registered. Current style registrations cannot incorporate the letters I or Q; and Z can only appear in the last three letters.

Dateless style format

These formats initially followed the code of A*, where A is a one, or two-letter code, and * is a number between 1 and 9999. Later on, it got extended to a three-letter code and the possibility of reversed registrations in the format *A, where the number precedes the one- to three-letter code.

Suffix style format

They use the structure BBB*A, where A is a letter that represents the period that the vehicle was first registered, and * is a 1-3 digit number. I, Q or Z cannot be incorporated by suffix style format, while U and O only appear in the first 3 letters.

Besides these important considering factors, always choose wisely and do not forget to be meaningful and simple. Reglocker can further assist you to choose the best option available and make sure you do not regret your decision, in support of your satisfaction.

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