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So, you have come to the point where you have decided to sell your vehicle’s registration number. Since many people can be seen confused and asking questions about whether they can sell their registration plates in UK or not? And if yes, then what is the right process of selling a registration plate. So, in this article, we will be discussing everything about Selling Registration Plate in UK once and for all.

Is Selling Registration Plate in UK simple?

The first question that arises in the seller’s mind is if he can actually sell a number plate by legal means or not? The simple answer to that is ‘Yes”. In the UK, selling a number plate is completely legal but there are some rules for that. You have to be the original owner of the number plate and have the right to use it. You can prove your ownership through a certificate of retention or a certificate of entitlement. Other than that, if the number plate is already assigned to the vehicle owned by you then the car’s registration papers will do as well.

Knowing the worth of your number plate

Now you are all set and ready to sell your number plate but you don’t know how much your number plate is worth. Generally, it is said that the true price of any item is what somebody is willing to pay for it. But for an estimate, you can head over to the dealers for the price quote of your number plate. Dealer’s quotes will give you an estimate of how much yo/u
should sell it for. Reglocker can also help you in this regard and can give you a price quote for your number plate on the basis of its different attributes.

Where and how to sell a number plate?

When it comes to selling your number plate, there are multiple options available. However, if you are thinking about selling it back to DVLA because you got it from them, then it is simply not possible because the DVLA doesn’t purchase plates but only sells.

Let’s discuss the options through which you can sell your number plate.

Auction or Advertise

The simplest thing that most people do is just advertise your number plate by listing it online on different e-commerce platforms. You can either put a fixed price quote or list it for auctions. However, selling through these platforms can sometimes be risky so you need to be careful about it. One more thing that needs to be of concern is that advertising is not always free, so the cost of advertising should also be kept in mind. If you advertise your plate in the classified section of an auto magazine or online car publication, you will need to pay a fee for the ad space.
Therefore, if you need to sell a number plate quickly and money isn’t a concern, this may be one of the quickest and easiest options available.

Sell on your own or through a dealer

You can try to sell your number plate on your own. It is a worthwhile option if you are not willing to share your profit with the third party either as advertisement cost or a commission. However, going through all the hassles by yourself and getting good offers is not always easy.
On the other hand, selling via a number plate dealer like Reglocker can be an easier and more effective option for making a sale. With Reglocker, you can benefit from the experience gained over thousands of transactions and every step of the deal will be carefully managed on your behalf. You will have to take no worry about finding a buyer, negotiating, and making a deal.

Receive an offer and make a deal

Once your number plate is up for sale, the number plate will be seen by thousands of potential buyers and is likely to produce many offers. So, you wait for the right offer from a trustworthy person and proceed with the deal.
Whether you want a new number plate for your car or looking to sell your current number plate, Reglocker can help you make your buying or selling process as easy as possible.

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