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Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates

There is a hierarchy of your vehicle registration plate number in the UK. Surprising? so lets Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates

Well, yes, being a citizen of the UK, you must know the meaning about the plating of your vehicle as Reg Locker Ltd. has come up with this topic.

Let’s spread some light on the introduction of Vehicle/Car Registration Plates UK as they are the alphabetic plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle & have existed in the United Kingdom since 1904.

Presently, with the exception of royal carriages used for official purposes, all motor vehicles operated on public highways must show their standard or distinctive license plates.

The Two Systems – Great Britain & Northern Ireland 

The two systems of the UK, Great Britain & Northern Ireland are administrated by the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea. 

This licensed agency introduces & holds the responsibility of car registrations & number plates to meet the governance of the United Kingdoms.

What is the Formation of UK Vehicle Registration Plates?

Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates

The formation of UK vehicle registration plates consisting of two letters, two numbers, a space & three further letters.

Now, the first two letters are the DVLA memory tag.

The age of the vehicle is indicated by the two numbers (the age identifier).

The last three letters are random and can be unique or customised by you.

Meaning of the First Two Letters or Local Memory Tag

Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates

The first two letters reflect the vehicle’s traditional area code also the area code & allocation is given by the DVLA.

Meaning of the Two Letters or Age Identifier

Moving forward the two numbers within a number plate are known as an ‘age identifier.’ Now, every six months the number changes when a new registration is released in March & September.

Meaning of the Last Three Letters or Random Letters 

Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates
4X4 Rear W 20.5 3D Black Gel

The fantastic thing is that the last three letters are random or you can ask the vehicle plate manufacturer to print your desired letters there. 

As of today, certain letter combinations were never made available for various reasons & the letters I, Q & Z were not permitted.

However, the main concern is that the vehicle registration plate should meet all the guidelines issued by DVLA. Also, you can visit Reg Locker Ltd. for the desired & right number plate.

Trust the Number Plate Manufacturer – Reg Locker Ltd.

Quickly Know About Vehicle Registration Plates

Reg Locker Ltd. is one of the trusted number plate manufacturers in the UK & Car number plate design UK.  You can use your desired number plate ranging from standard to 3D & 4D gel number plates where all our number plates are 100% legal in the UK.

At Reg Locker Ltd., we believe in transparency & customer satisfaction so whenever you are in need of a trustworthy & legal vehicle number plate manufacturer or supplier, we are just a click away from you.

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