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How to buy Show Plates and Private Plates in the UK?

The question How and where to buy Show and Private Plates in the UK?, is among the most commonly asked questions to which Reg Locker provides a one-stop solution.

How to buy Private Plates in the UK with Reg Locker?

Private Plates can be ordered by the following simple steps:
  • Select any private plate that you like from our hand-picked collection.
  • If you want to enquire about the private plate then click on enquire.
  • Fill in the contact details, and our experts will reach out to you.
  • Once you’re ready to buy the plate head over at the checkout section and Voila your private plate will be delivered right at your doorstep.

How to buy Off Road / Show Plates in the UK with Reg Locker?

Off Road / Show Plates can be ordered by the following simple steps:
  • Enter your registration details.
  • Select the desired size of your number plate.
  • You can pick any desired style, border, badge, or fitting specifications (optional) and view the sample image provided.
  • We also accept any kind of special requests.
  • Once you are at the checkout page you need to fill in your details and Voila your off-road plate will be delivered right to your doorstep.

What else Reg Locker can do for you?

Here at Reglocker, you can find affordable and customizable private plates and show plates. We have done this research for you, so you come prepared and choose what best matches your interest.

Even if you know nothing about how to differentiate between different types of formats and their perks, our team at Reg locker will guide you through the process making it seem harmless. Contact us and we will answer all your queries or seek correspondence on our address and get your hands on your brand new show or private number plate today.

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