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How Does ANPR Detect Your Vehicle?

In the previous blogs, we have discussed about the location of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System). Now, it’s time to know,” How does actually ANPR work or detect your vehicle?”

How Does ANPR Detect Your Vehicle?

But before that, you should know the possibilities to get detected in the ANPR. As there is no doubt that these advanced cameras are used in supply chain management, smart cities & other areas where vehicle tracking is required. These cameras keep the record of activities like stolen vehicle, unregistered or uninsured vehicles, traffic violations, toll evasion, parking violations, wanted vehicles, border control & security monitoring, etc.

So, here is the process mentioned that describes the detection process of ANPR systems. Continue with the Trusted Car Registration Plates UK.

How Does ANPR Detect Your Vehicle?

1. Image Capture

ANPR cameras capture images of vehicles passing through their field of view. These cameras are typically positioned strategically to obtain clear and focused images of license plates.

2. Pre-processing

The captured images undergo pre-processing to enhance their quality and improve the accuracy of subsequent steps. This may involve tasks like image resizing, noise reduction, and image normalization.

3. Plate Localization

In this step, the ANPR system analyses the pre-processed image to identify and locate the license plate within the image. This is typically done using techniques such as edge detection, character segmentation, or template matching.

How Does ANPR Detect Your Vehicle?

4. Character Segmentation

Once the license plate is located, the ANPR system segments individual characters or digits on the plate. This step involves separating the characters from the background and determining their boundaries.

5. Character Recognition

The segmented characters are then passed through an optical character recognition (OCR) system. OCR algorithms analyse the shape and pattern of each character to recognize and convert them into text or numerical values.

6. Text Analysis

The recognized characters are analysed further to verify their validity and correct any potential errors. This may involve applying validation rules specific to the license plate format in the given region or country.

7. Data Storage or Action

The final recognized license plate information, along with relevant metadata such as date, time, and location, can be stored in a database for further processing or linked to specific actions like issuing tickets, triggering alerts, or generating reports.

In other words, ANPR camera systems are helpful to offer the solutions in terms of traffic surveillance, city surveillance, gated community security, traffic violation detection & traffic count & classification.

How Does ANPR Detect Your Vehicle?

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