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Green Number Plates, An Introduction

Green strip number plates are a very recent addition to UK roads and more and more electric vehicles can be seen with green strip number plates. This is something that is developing curiosity and urging people to get one for themselves as well, The introduction is a part of a government initiative to promote a zero-emission future and they plan to achieve this by 2050. The UK government believes that the green number plate imitative will raise awareness and interest in electric vehicles.

If you are out there looking for a new vehicle then the government’s new green plate initiative might be the very thing to make your mind to get an electric vehicle. Drivers are encouraged to make the switch to electric vehicles through the introduction.

What are Green Number Plates?

These plates were introduced in December 2020 exclusively for all-electric vehicles to distinguish them from standard motor vehicles in hope of raising awareness of the growing of zero-emission vehicles on the roads. All-electric vehicles owners whether old or newly registered can get a green number plate provided that the vehicle is fully battery operated and not a hybrid or using plugins. All zero-emission vehicles including motorbikes, vans, cars, and buses are eligible for a green number plate.

Benefits of Owning a Green Number Plate

These plates make it easier for cars to be identified as zero-emission vehicles. It helps motorists benefit from local initiatives such as access to bus lanes, cheaper parking tickets, and free entry into zero-emissions zones. Due to the growing number of electric vehicles on the roads, authorities look forward to creating new initiatives specifically for EV owners. So, there could be many more advantages of owning a green number plate in the future.

Green Number Plate Rules

Green number plates are not mandatory for electric cars. New electrics cars now come with default plates. however, motorists with old registered electric cars can get a new green number plate or they can keep their old standard plate, there is no restriction on that. Whereas, rules and regulations stay the same for these plates as of the standard number plates.

If your vehicle is registered as a zero-emission vehicle but you don’t have a green number plate then you can apply and get a green striped plate on any registered number. You can order your Green Striped Number plates from Reglocker. Reglocker provides all kinds of DVLA-approved 3D and 4D plates at affordable rates. Go and get the right number plate for your car.

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