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Current Style Number Plates Format

Continuing our series of discussions on different number plates formats, previously we discussed and learned everything about the Prefix Number Plate Format, now in this article, we will be discussing the Current Style Number Plate System. We will try to clear everything about this format so that you can choose the best number plate according to your preference.

Introduction to Current Style Number Plates Format:

The current style number plates format for UK registrations was introduced by the DVLA in September 2001 when they ran out of letters for prefix number plates. That was the year when the prefix number plate system came to an end, however, this new style format is expected to have sufficient numbers to run until 2064.

This number plate format is also known as new style format which we use to date. Means today’s number plates that are used on cars in the UK are based on the current style number plates format.

This specific format was introduced by DVLA to address a number of issues and the lack of availability of number plates in the UK being the major one. There were a number of reasons behind the launch of Current Style Number Plate System and some of are:

•            Easier to recognise

•            Easier to calculate the age of a car

•            Easier to memorize the registration number

•            Fit perfectly into existing plate dimensions


All current style number plates follow the same format which is AA** AAA. It is split into three separate sections, two letters, two digits, and then 3 more letters. The first two letters indicate where the vehicle was initially registered. The first of these two letters indicate a region & the second a DVLA local office. The stars in the format after the first two letters represents the numbers that indicate the age of the vehicle based on a 6 Month period ranging from either March to August or September to February. New registrations are released in this style twice a year. They are issued between 1st March – 31st August, and 1st September – 28th February. Finally, the last three letters are completely random and give the vehicle its unique identity.


Current style number plates may not be on par with prefix number plates in terms of uniqueness but they sure provide a lot of personalization options to the users. This new format has been a very popular choice for personalized number plates because of the way it has been structured. This style of registration allows for more combinations than the previous styles and is ideal for spelling words in full. This specific style is famous among those who want a cherished number plate for their vehicles because it allows the user to create a number that spells out names and words using a huge range of combinations of letters and numbers.

These most recent style number plates are the most common around and now being used across the whole of the UK. At Reglocker, you can find affordable and customizable current style number plates. If you do not know anything about how to differentiate between different types of formats and their perks then our team at Reglocker can guide you through the process through which you can choose the number plate that best suits you and your vehicle.

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