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Buying a car automatically comes with a number plate, yet we have also seen abundant personalized number plates. Has it ever crossed your mind, where did number plates originate from? If not, maybe it has now, so please continue reading!

The Beginning

The government had to find a way to track a car to its owner as the number of vehicles were beginning to increase rapidly at the start of the 19th century. This led to increased accidents, and there was no way to identify owners of the vehicles. 

This is where the number plate idea was born, and it allowed vehicles to be easily traced in the event of an accident or breaking the law. This was ‘The Motor Car Act 1903’. This was enforced on 1st January 1904, and it became obligatory for every motor vehicle to have a number plate. 

The First number plate in UK originated from?

The first number plate introduced in the UK, precisely in London was the ‘A1’. This was very simple yet very bold. The idea of ‘personalizing’ your car with your own ‘bespoke’ number plate is not a new one and coincides with the time of origination. Earl  Russell was the man who obtained the A1 number plate, and he waited all night to make sure of this. He not only was the first registrant but also the father of having a personalized, cherished and idiosyncratic number plate. 

In another post, we will highlight some of the most luxurious number plates sold and for how much, so please stay tuned. 

To continue, the idea Earl Russell had created, in 2014, John Collins purchased the plate number ’25 0’ to beat UK’s record for the most expensive number plate at a staggering, £518,000.  

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