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Do you wish to sell your private number plate?

Then, Welcome to RegLocker, where selling your number plate is super easy. You can unlock the true value of your unique registration plate with our seamless and transparent selling process. At RegLocker, we do not just understand the financial value of your personalised plate, but also the sentimental value it holds for you. Hence, we come up with the best deals!

At RegLocker, selling your private plates will be a hassle-free experience, for the user-friendliness of the platform. You can simply fill up our form, and provide details about your number plate. Our expert team will then assess your plate’s market value, considering all the factors, and ensure you receive the highest possible offer. We pride ourselves for transparency and no hidden fees or surprises.

With our fully managed sales process, we help you with the following:

1. Arrive at the best market pricing for your number plate

2. Make the sale to one of the potential buyers

3. Transfer the car registration quickly

Join our countless satisfied customers who have successfully sold their number plates through RegLocker Now!

Set Your Own Price

You can also take control of the selling process by setting your own prices at the RegLocker website. Our platform empowers you to determine the value of your private number plate. While our team provides their expert guidance, the final decision rests completely in your hands. This unique RegLocker feature ensures that you are comfortable with the selling price, while we ensure that your cherished number plate will find its rightful owner.

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