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Types of Private Number plates Formats – A series

We have mentioned different types of private number plates and what they are like in one of our blogs. To take this further, we are going to conduct a series where we will be talking about each of the type separately. To start-off, let’s first understand how many types of formats a private number plate can have:

  • Prefix Style Format
  • Current Style Format
  • Dateless Style Format
  • Suffix Style Format

In this discussion, our topic is Prefix Style Format alternatively called Prefix Number Plates, we will be talking about the specifications, standard writing format, and customisation options, and so on to educate you so you make the right choice and know your options.

What are Prefix Number Plates or Private Number plates Formats – A series?

Prefix number plates are one of the most popular number plates one can see whilst driving or interacting with cars. It has a long history behind it, and has been working in a systematic approach. Some of the facts to know about Private number plates are:

Unique combination:

This format follows a unique combination: A*BBB – always a letter followed by two or three numbers (represented by *).

  • Range:

These numbers range from 21 to 999.

  • Preceding:

There can be 3 additional characters preceding after the *

  • Sequence:

The sequence goes like:

Prefix letter à 2/3 numbers à Space à ending with 3 letters

Examples of Private Number plates – A series

F34 MAS, D59 ALM


Prefix indicator cannot display letters such as I, O, Q, U, and Z. The reason is because of their resemblance with few numbers and other alphabets.


Prefix notation was first introduced in early 1980s, 1983 to be accurate.


The starting letter of the plate shows the year of the manufacture.


Series of Prefix number plates first started with the letter A and lasted 1 year, denoting this was the first year of Prefix number plates. Following years used further alphabets in a sequence.


The series concluded with the alphabet ‘Y’ with the closing year 2001.

Why choose Prefix Number plates?

One of the reasons why prefix number plates are famous is because of the huge range of combinations available for the individuals to choose from. There are unique combinations of Prefix Number plates and the users can choose from a variety of different options. This provides a diverse nature to these plates and makes it a popular choice. Even with the exclusion of few alphabets and numbers, it manages to provide a unique combination effortlessly.

At Reglocker, you can find affordable and customizable prefix number plates. We have done this research for you, so you come prepared and choose what best matches your interest. Even if you know nothing about how to differentiate between different types of formats and their perks, our team at Reglocker will guide you through the process making it seem harmless. Contact us to talk to our representative who will answer all your queries, or seek correspondence on our address and get your hands on your brand new private number plate today.

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